intranet and internet login problem

I installed opensuse 11.3.The network device(ethernet) used dhcp and connected with dsl modem well.But the web-based apps with LAMP which connected to
localhost(intranet)( point to the php file,says unable to connect.
If i changed dhcp to static config(,the LAMP works,but internet fails
to connect.
Please help me for both things work!!Thank you.

Hi chiasc,

When using static, also include your routers IP under the Routing tab of your nework settings as the Default Gateway for IPv4.

Hope it helps.


thank you henk :
my aztech router dsl modem information as follow :
IP :
def gateway :
1 dns :
2 dns :
my static IP :
i put up those figures,but still sucks.
probably i need more detail information.
thank you.