Internet through iphone/usb broken in 13.1/kde when it worked with 12.2 : device notifier bug ?

Just upgraded to 13.1.
Kde 4.11.5
Iphone 4S with iOS 7 , and connection sharing via usb is turned on.

In 12.2, when i connected the iphone via usb to my laptop, i had only one new device notification.
And i just had to go in the network manager applet to configure a new wired connection. And it worked perfectly out of the box !
I just had to confirm on the iphone that i trust this computer with a dedicated notification/check box that appeared automatically on the iphone, when i plugged in the usb iphone cable to the computer.
Without any problem, without any file editing, without any field to fill, without any box to check somewhere in a hidden window of kde…

In 13.1, when i connect the iphone via usb to my laptop, there are many new device notifications. 5 of them to be accurate :
1 for the network interface + 4 for the camera !
Don’t know why, but i think this is the origin of the problem. Because then, it is impossible to do anything. The iphone keeps asking if i can trust this computer on and on : i mean, on the iphone, if i confirm that i trust this computer, it asks me again, and again and again… Endlessly.
Therefore, i cannot do any iphone tethering via usb to connect to the internet with shared connection of the iphone.
The problem comes from opensuse 13.1 since it worked perfectly a few days ago on opensuse 12.2.
I suppose it’s a problem with the device notifier, or with the background program, hidden behind and whose name i don’t know.
I went into the device notifier settings and tried to tweak some things but i don’t understand what it talks about. And there are some settings that can’t be erased.

I need this iphone internet connection via usb to work during my travelling hours.
And yes, i know i can connect via wifi but i don’t want it because it kills the iphone battery dramatically quick.
Moreover, i need to download iphone photos/videos via usb and i can’t do it anymore because of this device notifier stuttering.
This is a regression and i am sure there is a simple way to avoid/repair it.

Thanks for your help.

According to my research on internet, i see that the problems comes from libimobiledevice/usbmuxd/ios7.0.4 :

There are a few other posts about the “Trust This Computer” alert loop with linux and iphone.

According to :
it looks like libimobiledevice 1.0.6 solves the problem.
Official release of opensuse has ibimobiledevice 1.0.5 . Will opensuse update to 1.0.6 ?

Here is a way to update to libimobiledevice4 1.0.6 :

Is it safe ?

I think you mean openSUSE is using 1.1.5 by default. It should be okay to update. In any case you can always roll back if it doesn’t work.

FWIW, I have an iPhone 4S running iOS7, and using openSUSE 13.1 (with KDE 4.12.2), and experience the same authentication loop as you describe. However, I can’t tether via USB and have always had to use the hotsptot method instead, (but that is a provider-specific restriction).

I’ve just upgraded to libimobiledevice4-1.1.6-5.1.x86_64 and it has solved the endless authentication issue!

I’ve learned something too. Now I can tether via USB (for the first time since owning this device). So, thank you Christophe_deR for prompting me to try :slight_smile:

Thanks deano.
Then, i’m going to try it and will close the thread if it works.

Great ! It works with this new libimobiledevice 1.0.6 .
I’m wirting you this through my iphone 3G connexion connected to my laptop with usb !

Thanks to Dean Hilkewich (deanjo13) !

Grazie Deano .