Internet stalls 20-30 minutes

I haven’t had this issue before. But every hour now and then the internet connection stalls. It starts with that I get the error “connection timed out” in firefox.
After a minute or so I get the error “Server not found”. And it affects all programs.
I am still connected. It does not help disconnecting and reconnect.

One interesting detail is that my virtualbox continues to have an internet connection?? I can still browse the internet and use all programs as normal.
The virtualbox contains a win7 x64 drive.
Note: this issue did not start with virtualbox. I just discovered that its the only thing that does not loose internet.

This last for about 20-30 minutes and then it magically starts working again.

Setup is Opensuse 13.2 x64 KDE and networkmanager with kwallet and Intel 5100AGN wifi.

Can you provide more information about the host/guest network configuration? Which version of virtualbox?

FWIW, here’s a bug report describing similar behaviour

What info do you want about network? Any commands I can run to get any verbose printed output to you?

I’m using virtualbox 5, VirtualBox-5.0-5.0.0_101573_openSUSE132-1.x86_64.rpm on kernel 3.16.7-21-desktop.
I am using the version 5 due to that they fixed shared copy/paste function between linux-windows host-guest system vice versa which does not work in older versions, only between linux to linux host-guest works in pre- virtualbox 5.
So I really don’t want to downgrade. I dunno if the issue affects the system if Im running vmware workstation. But then I first need to know if the issue is related to virtualbox.

Following one of the comments in the link seems to solved the problem

**Changed 5 months ago by athalis ** This problem appears again in 4.3.26. It was fine with 4.3.23 and 4.3.24.

Running virtualbox 4.3.24 while sending files to my server and surfing the internet without any issues. Indeed it was caused by Virtualbox.
Version 5 works and only causes momentarily hickups.
Version 4.3.20-13.1 from opensuse repo causes the internet to break the very moment the guest os is booted. And internet still works in the guest os but not in the host os.

Yes, it’s definitely a VB issue. So, you’re using version 4.3.24 now? (While searching, Google turned up dozens of similar accounts.)

Comment is from here:

Yes I am using 4.3.24 atm. No more issues with network.

The internet connection stalled once again. This time I was only watching youtube. Virtualbox was not running.
Had to ctrl+alt+backspace and login again.

I looked at help documents from opensuse but I cant find any good logs to look for any debug info?

I have no idea what to do?

When you say the internet connection ‘stalled’ do you mean you lose network connectivity, or do you mean the media stream (from a website) has stalled? When this next happens, examine


If the above shows that you are still associated to the AP, check IP address and routing

ip addr
ip route

Can you ping a web address?


If the above checks out, then it might be related to the website you’re streaming from.

I do notice it when a certain website or a stream stops to respond. Then this also affects all the connectivity. Remote and local traffic. I cannot reach my servers or browse the internet. However I am still connected to my AP if Im about to rely on the information from the networkmanager. And it does not help to disconnect and connect using the networkmanager front end applet in KDE or by switching the hardware killswitch on my laptop. (Thinkpad T series).
This is why I use the word “stall” because I am not sure if Im still connected to the AP or not but the status says that I am.
I then have to kill the X session and log back in resolve the issue.

Thank you. I will try to recreate a stall in the connection and run the commands… iwconfig …yeah its been a while. I forget things after a while.
I’ll be back soon.