Internet slow (newbie to Suse)

Ok so I successfully installed OpenSuse 11 and upgraded to KDE 4.1. Just about after installing SuSe I noticed almost EVERYTHING I try to accomplish, even the inane easy tasks seem to be horrible to try to find out how to do or I am still stumped as of this writing.

Just noticed this nite that my internet is testing thru bandwidth test sites at 300kbps… I have cable modem and it should be in the 8000mbps range. At least when I boot Windows XP on my same machine it tests out at that. I already looked at 1 post and did some command to edit /etc/modprobe.conf to turn off ipv6 i think… that didn’t work. What could I have done to make it so **** slow??? It was blazing fast on install but somewhere along the way it got pitifully slow!

I have a good knowledge of computers and actually learned programming on Linux way back in the day but haven’t used it since and am fed up with Windows problems so wanted to try to get back to (hopefully) a 100% linux PC. So far this distro makes everything seem impossible. I had trouble with surround sound, (still is glitchy), video files won’t play (can’t for the life of me figure out how to get the right codecs etc.), capturing video with Kino played back it all at like “little too fast” audio. Everyone sounded a lil high-pitched. It seems that everything from basic stuff you just GET done for you in XP to stuff that is more complicated is a Pain in the A$$ for me so far.

So my next question is do I say scrap this and try Ubuntu? Or is there a good place to get a learning on all I need to know to actually make this Suse deal a pleasant experience? I’d even buy A book but I don’t see any version 11 ones out yet and fear 10.3 != 11 so it may not help.

Anyhow thanks for all that respond and hopefully I end up sticking with Suse and learning what I need to get all these things configured. :wink:

One possible problem if you are using Firefox is that IPv16 needs disabling.

Nope. Tried that and still goes horribly slow. Does it have anything to do with KNetworkManager. I have tried to mess with that because I wanted some type of network monitoring program (which I have yet to find) but all I can seem to do is add a new connection and then it goes away from the task panel. It NEVER says it is running if it is in the task panel and I still have no clue what it does if anything.

Be very careful using a browser to test thoughput…it’s very browser-dependent.
(I just got a factor of 2 difference between Opera and Firefox, Opera was worst for me.
Also, try Konqueror.)

As for IPV6, doesn’t sound like you disabled it correctly…you do that under
Yast->Network Devices->Network Settings. There’s a checkbox under
‘Global Options’ tab…uncheck it.

[Knetwork Manager doesn’t do much…I don’t look at it.]

[Using KDE 4.1 as a gauge is a poor way to judge ANY Linux distro, since it is still
beta-quality. So, I’d recommend you add KDE 3.5 to SUSE for now, since
you can have both installed, and then login to which-ever one you feel like.]

[As for Ubuntu, if you prefer KDE to Gnome, then try Kubuntu, which is KDE-based.]

You seem a bit impatient, thinking you can become real proficient in any Linux
distro in just a few weeks. But, I’d recommend that if you plan to stay
with some form of Linux, that you DO try more than one distro. If you haven’t,
learn how to install Linux with your ‘/home’ (20 GB or more) in a separate partition, and then
setup/install a couple of distro-partitions and share the /home (10-GBs is enough for each distro),
and it’s easy to shrink your current partition and sub-divide it during the next installation.
So try them both for a couple of months. This is an excellent way to determine
the relative strengths/weaknesses among distros, and there ARE differences!


Well I went to speakeasy and selected Seattle for the location to test and that was giving me the horrid throughput reading. I live in Washington State so that seemed to me like it should have been the fastest but San Francisco actually came out at like 7-8Mbps last nite. Testing this on Firefox and Konq gave similar results but at least it’s showing it’s fast. I guess I wanted to test the internet speed because I was having YaST download stuff extremely slow… (browsing didn’t seem too slow really… Just YaST)

I am installing KDE 3.5 like you suggested. You probably are right and I shouldn’t be jumping in with the sharks into KDE 4.1 that is unstable in the first place. I unchecked ipv6 in YaST network settings but now I am downloading all the KDE 3.5 stuff in YaST and it is going at like 3-5 kbps on average!! (I even rebooted after setting the ipv6 box to no)

Is this something screwed up with YaST? a slow repository?

I tried Kubuntu but unfortunately it seems like it doesn’t recognize ANY of my dvd/cd combo drives and only my “hardly working” CD drive that I don’t now have installed anymore. So Kubuntu never got installed :frowning:

Anyhow I still hope to get Suse up and working with all I want it to do (basically replace windows) but there are still lots of problems I need to get fixed. I am hoping KDE 3.5 may fix lots of it.

Thanks for everyone’s time they took to reply. Hopefully some day in the future I can return the favor (when I know more than I do now to answer ?'s)

I will keep you posted on how KDE 3.5 worked.

>>Is this something screwed up with YaST? a slow repository?

Yes, lately, it does get clogged. (Evenings here in US
always seem to be worse than mornings.)
I’ve only seen these slowdowns in the past 3 or 4 days…before that,
it was always quite reliable.**

Thanks cookdav!

So it’s not just me. So far everything is working. Got my video problem also figured out. (I Guess Kaffeine just doesn’t work right now for it but MPlayer does). I’ll try to do my updates at off peak times I guess.

Thanks again!