Internet Radio Links

I have a question on internet radio links like the ones you find on a radio station’s web page. They are usually called “Listen Live” or some such. Clicking on them brings up a media player, and this works, but I’d like to do something different.

I would like to know how to take these addresses from the stream links and out them into a media player’s playlist like vlc, mplayer, etc. so I don’t have to hit the web page all the time.

How do you find out what the addresses of the streams are? I’ve tried using the page source option in the browser, but still could use some help.


In amarok you can simply click playlist from the top add stream by url

have you tried – The Social Music Revolution

you install it’s player too from Packman

Hello caf4926,
As I understands OPs question is that he has a website, there is a link labelded ‘Listen live’ or so, but he can not finds tthe URL belonging to it, so he can not add the URL to Amarok. He wants to know how to find the URL.

Is this what you asked walla299? Or am I typing nuts?

In Kaffeine, once you are listening to the stream, you simply select Playlist>Save current playlist and the station details will be saved in a Kaffeine file. All you then have to do is to click on the file and it will do the necessary. Sometimes it puts up an error message but then works perfectly if you ignore the message.

Exactly! You are not typing nuts. :slight_smile: Here’s an example:

If I’m on a Windows machine at work and click the “listen Live” link, the Windows Media Player starts up and the music starts playing. The URL for the stream source is not visible because its passed to the player when its called up. This makes it easy on new users, but I need the URL’s themselves.

I have found a couple of the URL’s by using the “View Page Source” option in a browser.

I’ve even gone to the extreme of emailing a couple of web masters, but haven’t got any replies yet.

II have the same problem, sometimes you can further investigate by loading an URL carefully chosen by what you see in the source and studying that again. Sometimes the player you use (try a different one) will show the URL itself, so you can copy it from there and add it to e.g. the lists in Amarok.

When it is a flash application, I suppose there is no hope.

Somebody knows more tricks?