internet problems in 11.0

so i upgraded to 11.0 thursday and had some problems installing things then my ISP had issues yesterday and my internet stopped working in suse but works fine in windows. because i had other problems also i tried reinstalling suse and my internet still doesnt work. suse recognizes my network adapter as eth0 and its the only one and im plug directly into my modem
does anyone have any suggestions how i can get internet in suse?

Is your internet card (eth0) working yes/no?
(paste the output of sudo ifstatus eth0 in your post).

When yes, can you get to your router (either by **ping, **or may be you can even get to its config screen with your browser).

Or is only connecting to the internet your problem?

actually i booted back into suse to show my brother and it works fine
i dont know what happened but i dont want to try and fix what isnt broken
but thanks for actually repling

There was a NetworkManager update, seems to have fixed the issue with DHCP going down randomly.

I too, had 'net issues for the first little while. They seem to have fixed themselves.

Hi I am still having difficulty with getting internet connection. i can get a connection with a 3g pcmcia data card but seems to drop the connection soon after connecting.
I cannot get a dsl connection with pppoe network connection at all

I installed suse 11.0
My pppoe connection was working well in ubuntu and windows…
but now i have problem in connecting to my dsl device!

I followed all in How to connect to internet by PPPOE (KDE or Gnome) on Opensuse | Bryan 手札 — 生活記趣 but i can’t connect :confused:
what should i do?

May not work but try this…everytime I switch from Windows to Suse I have to restart network services you can bring up a
terminal window switch to root user and type /etc/init.d/network restart. when I do this everything is good…don’t yet know why
I have to do this though.