Internet missing shortly after installation


last week I installed opensuse along with an existing windows 8.1 on my sony laptop. With some help from friendly people in this forum I got it working and the boot loader finally working alright, too.

However, on the third time (or so) booting into opensuse the internet connection suddenly was missing and I couldn’t get it working again. It was working alright directly after installation and the first times.

My internet connection is supposed to work via a router and a DSL connection. The wired network connection to the router is working alright and I can also get/send a ping to my other computer on the network (whose internet connection is working fine). If I boot my laptop in windows 8.1 the internet connection is still working, so its not a problem of the router.

It is possible that the 78 updates which were indicated after installation are installed meanwhile but I’m not sure (the update manager shows “your system is up to date” but I never told it to install the 78 updates. Perhaps the system is “up to date” simply because no connection to the repository server exists). Maybe the updates blocked my internet connection?

Thank you all for your help as without network I cannot install any applications or even access the online-help now

Your hardware seems to be quite new.

The third time?

If you would have had problems after the 1st re-boot following the installation,
then the cause of that may indeed have been the system installed.

Did you try to look into it using YaST?

Another point: please have a look at this:

Good luck

I assume you have Network Manager if you look at it does it give you a clue?

Also you did not say which desktop?


thank you for the interest in my problem.

I use the KDE desktop and, indeed, the network is manged by the network manager. So Yast basically tells me, it is not concerned with the connection.

In the network manager I can see the connection “wired connection 1” and everything seems alright. From time to time a few kB of data are received. But none are sent as far as I can tell. The IP addresses are as I would expect and I couldn’t find any settings or diagnosis for the internet connection. The same is true if I unplug the cable and connect via the wireless connection to the same router.

So, as far as I can see, the network connection is working and alright (which fits with the working ping) but the port (?) for the internet connection is not opened. Is there anywhere, I can configure this?

Many thanks


just wanted to announce, everything is working well now. I’m not sure what the problem was but it seems to be connected with the updates. In the first installation I did not care for the updates as I was still having problems with the boot loader and not sure whether I have to re-install again. Now, I installed openSuse again and always chose all updates suggested: The internet is and stays there!