Hi everyone.

I just installed a openSUSE 11 with KDE4 from live CD and I have a dial-up connection to access the internet.

well I just don’t know how to make the dialer work.
When I connect by lan at my uncle’s house it works fine, no need for configuration.

Please HELP ME!!

How do I configure the dial-up connection to get access to my provider ( I live in Brazil and connect using OI. the number to dial is 15003131)

thank you

Modems can be tricky to get working with linux, and most users are now using broadband connections, so support is becoming even more limited. The first stage is making sure you have identified your modem chipset and have installed a working driver for it. External serial modems offer your best chance here. A few internal soft modems (aka winmodems) can be made to work as well. This link may be useful to you. In particular the scanModem tool is worth downloading and executing to assist with identifying modem chipsets and possible drivers (if they exist).

The next stage is to configure your modem with

YaST > Network Devices > Modem

Here you add the name of your connection, phone number etc.

You can use KPPP or KInternet apps to take care of the connection for you. Good luck.

You can refer to following address if you are using modem to dial-up now.

Bryan’s technical world: Configure a internet connection through kppp for dial-up modem