Internet Keeps Dropping On Computer Running Opensuse Tumbleweed After Clean Install With Updated Snapshot

Usually network dropping issues are related to driver issues. My issue is after the xz-utils hack, I downloaded and installed a clean and updated snapshot of OpenSUSE Tumbleweed one week later. I am using the same card (Buffalo n150 wireless adapter) and now the internet keeps dropping when it didn’t drop before. There are also other issues, but those belong in other parts of the forum. I must mention that the exact same wireless adapter is used on another desktop running the same openSUSE Tumbleweed, and I have yet to have an issue. Thus I am reasonably confident it has to do with this specific computer (Lenovo). The kicker is that it worked before the clean install (resume on suspend does not work either now on this machine, as well as configuring shortcuts for clearing the clipboard (which doesn’t work this and 2 other machines now). Any suggestions on how to proceed?

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