Internet issues and wireless problems with suse 11.0

Problem 1.
When trying to connect to the wireless and after entering the password the computer keeps asking me to please provide the default keychain password so it can be unlocked.

I never set one up and can’t find any way to change the password wich is currently used … howto fix this ?
If i don’t enter the keychain password it doesn’t connect to the wireless either.:rolleyes:

Problem 2.

When connected to the internet via a ethernet wire my internet is behaving strangely.
The network is fine and ftp and msn traffic is fine to but when trying to browse a website on firefox it stalls for about 10 to 20 second before actually connecting to the website.

When connecting to Google for instance it says in the bottom left hand conner “connecting to” and then it does nothing for 10 seconds before it loads the google site at lightning speed.

i did the following to resolv this.

  • I disabled ipv6 in the network setting part of yast.
  • I changed the dns servers in /etc/resolv.conf to reflect the isp’s dns servers instead of my router.
  • I excuted the following 2 command as suggested on google (after a while offcourse :D)
net.ipv4.tcp_window_scaling = 0 added to /etc/sysctl.conf
sysctl -p

but nothing seems to resolv the issue, any ideas ?

Hi there,

with regards to your slow web response…I am having exactly the same problem (although I am only testing via wireless).

Under 10.3, my wireless worked perfectly however after the installation of 11.0 my wirless itself works, but trying to access any website either takes at least 30 secs or so, or times out. :mad:

Anyone have any ideas?