Internet Icon Opensuse Leap

I just download my opensuse leap and the internet icon is a question icon, why?

My internet works fine, does it a bug?

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Your description is a bit vague. You seem to see an icon, that may point to desktop usage. But you do not tell us that you use a desktop, let alone which one. And then where you see that icon.

My desktop is Gnome and the icon is placed on the top bar

Thanks. I am not a Gnome user, thus let us wait for others.

It may however be the NetworkManager icon.

I know it may seem obvious, but have you tried rebooting?

Yes, I rebooted and Installed Gnome settings, but haven’t effect

exactly, in normal case this icon is just a white icon with 3 squares connected, but in my case care 3 gray squares and a question icon “?”

Have you installed/uninstalled any web browsers?

Maybe its because of the conncheck?

cat /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf



I am in China and I get this issue regularly.
The network manager does a check to a specific host and if it cannot reach it, the tray icon will be gray.

In my case there are several reasons, if I don’t run the VPN on the router, the specificied host cannot be reached and the icon mayve gray.

The VPN provider has to many outgoing connections and is regarded by the load balancers as bot and refuses the connection.

Solutions I my case
Reboot the router, switch to different VPN gate.

I don’t have VPN configured, so I need to configure one to leave this question icon?

You can try the following:

connect to the hotspot on your mobile phone, if the connection icon isn’t gray anymore, there is an issue with your network (router) or internet provider or the host is down.

If the icon is also gray, if you connect to your phone, there there is an issue with the laptop.

My pc is connected by cable (wired connect), don’t have wireless =/

Try as root:

sed -i 's/\[connectivity/#[connectivity/g' /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf && sed -i 's/uri/#uri/g' /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

That will disabl the check in Networkmanager.

Restart your Network or reboot.

Hi, this is a bug with Network Manager. I get it too.

The connectivity check is not a bug, it is a feature :slight_smile:

But many do not like it and it may not work flawless.

So, switch it off as @Sauerland advises.

@Sauerland It’s works! thank you so much!