Internet - DNS

I have installed openSUSE 11.0. Iconnect to the internet via dsl modem and ethernet. I can go to a web page using the ip address but not by name. Can’t get the DNS part fixed. Anyone?

Hi & welcome!

Check the settings using YaST > Network Settings
the TAB Hostname/DNS contains the nameserver configuration. check if it’s set correctly. If you want to set it manually, untick the box at the bottom (update DNS via DHCP) and set the correct DNS server ip’s.

Hope that helps,

My suggestion to avoid any funky dns issues is to place your isp’s primary and backup nameservers in your modem / router itself, and then let OpenSuse pick it up automatically.

If you don’t know your isp’s dns nameservers, or you prefer to use something else, I have used opendns servers for years without problems.

Just look at the bottom right of this page (be sure to scroll down if you have to)

OpenDNS | Providing A Safer And Faster Internet

for the nameservers. For security purposes, I don’t list them directly, but have friends look at the page themselves. They even have detailed instructions at the bottom for how to place them into various routers.

Putting the dns nameservers into the routers has saved me plenty of gray hairs on any system I attach to it. In the old days, this also helped bypass flaky routers that had their own internal dns-forwarders that didn’t work very well with Linux, but were tuned for only MS and Apple.