internet connection

I have SUSE 11.1 with KDE4.2. Until now I used a router to connect to internet.Now I want a direct connection.My ISP uses PPPoE.I use Bryan technical world: Using pppoe connect to internet (kde or gnome) on openSUSEand guidelines.But without result yet!:’( HEEELP !!!

What is wrong with using a router? It really is the best way.

Firstly I want to know how it works.Also I want to help a friend to move to Linux,but without Internet connection I can not convince him!:stuck_out_tongue:

I already posted one, it is very simple as long as you stay away from using the Linux setup or the YaST,
just connect the modem to the computer, through a USB or Network plug at the back, switch on the computer, get the browser goin type in the url of the modem manufacturer, if it asked for username, type in admin, and password, just type in “password”
then click basic set up, and finished.
The url is usually in the manual and is only numbers, if it is no there just get it from the manufacturers site.
Been installing few cheap $10 NetGear Modem(ADSL) recently and the site address is like this: 192.168.1 try a practice run with this
just typed it and see how it looks or works.
Please note, once the modem is connected the browser can work and connect to the modem’s manufacturer site, without being set up!

In this case you might be right. The modem could already have been configured. But if not, it can completely be done via Yast.
It’s simply not true that all modems have admin and password. Even Netgear uses admin/user user/1234 admin/1234 . Furhermore a site address is never like 192.168.1 it always needs 4 octets (the numbers in between the dots), and 192.168.1.* is simply the most used. But i see a lot of 10.0.0.* as well
If you want to completely setup an internet connection yourself, use Yast.

you should put your money where your mouth is, and post screen capture of how to set up on yast.
Otherwise waffling with huff and puff wouldn’t cut ice in any quarter.
The above person has already tried YaST, and this why he is here, because he couldn’t use it. Each manufacture has those numbers and can be easily obtained if they are not in the manual, use windows CMD type -ip config and few of the come up.
Some people don’t spend 24 hours in front of computer, they have other life as well.! Take the KDE 4, the manual on their site is still the version 3, so it tough job getting around things in Linux!