Internet connection slow

I find that after update the packages in 11.0 my Internet connection has become slow. After opening Firefox, connection to the Internet takes about five or more seconds to connect. I am using MTNL ADSL in Mumbai. Anyone has the same problem with this version of opensuse? Ubuntu does not give me such trouble. :?
I have checked that IPv6 is disabled. But still it takes 5+ seconds to connect even when I click on any link the same reaction. Some configuration I think. I have just been using opensuse 11.0 since its release. I do not know much about configuring the system. I even went into yast and looked into the network but that was not help to me. Some other .conf file somewhere may be needing changes.

If you are using the SUSE updater, you will find that it does not finish its work when it says the updates have been downloaded. It continues working for several minutes afterwards.

Either I close it or I do something that isn’t system intensive until Ksysguard tells me things have calmed down.