Internet connection probs..

I’m new to linux.
My problem is that after building my new pc, i have installed open suse 11 ok on a fresh hd (no other os). i have struggled to find and to config, how my AOL info.
I have installed the cd (a couple a times), but i cannot find it. I,s no problem on xp.

Would be appreciated for any help.

(oh by the way… it,s a 64 bit cd) if that make any difference.

what kind of AOL internet?
you need to give us more info
connection type
any wireless devices?

Sorry for the delay.

It’s an aol broadband (easy-install cd companion). The modem is a Thomson ‘Speedtouch’ 585 v6. It not connected to any wireless device only ethernet.

Thanks for any info.

Your model is not listed here
HCL/Network Adapters (Wired) - openSUSE

and the one that is doesn’t look promising

try the thompson/speedtouch site for linux drivers, I compiled one for a 330 series way back. It’s a little complicated.