Internet Conection

Hi everybody
First i`m new to Linux
Second my English is not best:):slight_smile:

I have searched a bit to find a solution… but nothing heaped.

When im viewing sites on the Internet (no matter Konqueror of Firefox ) everything is fine. But sometimes i just cant get on the site i get an error message “The page you requested was not found.
You may have clicked an expired link or mistyped the address. Some web addresses are case sensitive.” but when i click refresh couple of times i can get in… and i can view other sites too. Im sure my internet connection is fine... But im not sure what is with my Laptop… I`m running OpenSuse 11.1 on laptop Toshiba Sattelite a200.

Thank you for any help

Read the three “Sticky” threads here

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to find out, how you can provide more information.

Sounds like your wireless link is intermittently dropping and reconnecting you you may be having intermittent name resolution troubles. I would see if you have a live connection by pinging an IP address (not name) when that occurs, and then if ping responds on an IP try it on a name ( and see if it is resolving.


It’s really interesting that we both made the same (and maybe wrong) assumption and automatically assume, we are dealing with wireless here (maybe because it’s a laptop).


Even if we were wrong and it is a wired connection, the hints given about the script and the test with ping apply to wireless and wired connections.

Next time it would be more prudent to be as precise as you can about your problem.