Internet bandwidth applet

Is there an applet/application (for KDE desktop panel), that will show Internet Upload & Download as a graph ?
Also, is there a similar app /applet for GNOME?

Using KDE 3.5

Yes there is. In Kde3 it can be found in your start menu System > Monitor > Knetload. It may not serve your purposes though.

In XFCE, there is an applet called ‘Network Monitor’. This shows incoming & outgoing transfer rates in different colors, depending on speed. It is what I am looking for as a internet traffic monitor application.

Can it be ported to GNOME / KDE ?

All you should need to do is locate the executable and make a “.desktop” entry for it in your KDE or Gnome menu and then launch the app or you can launch it from the run dialog box.

You can try KNetworkManager.