Internet access not working in OpenSuse10.3 after WindowsXP

After configuring the internet access for the Windows XP side in a PC, the OpenSuse 10.3 side internet access stopped working.
How to make the internet access for the OpenSuse 10.3 start
to work again ?
Any help is very welcome.

Hello desouzadacostas. Welcome to the forums.

Can you tell us what make and model Network Interface you are using and how you connect that to the internet (e.g. telephone modem, ADSL modem, dormitory Ethernet LAN leading to a router, whatever).

My crystal ball says either Realtek (r8186/r8169) or NVidia (forcedeth).

At least, those are the two most prominent “suspects” for such problems.

/sbin/lspci -nnk|grep -A2 -i net

is what should be posted here in addition to what swerdna asked.