Intermittent Video - On-Board graphics

Running Leap 42.1 64 bit on the setup listed below. Install is clean on new system.

Have intermittent problem with monitor screen rapidly flashing in intensity. Using the on-board graphics package on the motherboard. Problem occurs on all software and all screens. Always after running for a few hours. Don't know if the problem is heat or software incompatibility or something else.    

Any suggestions on dealing with the issue would be appreciated.

Motherboard: asus m5a 78M m usb3
CPU: AMD FX 8320 eight core
Chipset: AMD 760G (780L)/SB710
Ram: 8X2=16 ddr3 gigs
Graphics: Integrated ATI Radeon HD 3000 GPU

After less than an hour I suppose that the monitor would have reached a stable temperature, so it is probably not directly related to heat.

I’m supposing you didn’t have this problem with the previous OS? If not, what was the video driver, and what is it now?

I’d try with another system (perhaps a liveCD) to see if it also happens. If it does, and the video driver isn’t the same, most probably it IS a hardware problem.

The system appear to be a desktop (you didn’t say), so check monitor connections, cabling. Is there a spare video card you could install to test? If you boot in safe mode - which uses framebuffer IINM, do you still see the problem (I’m assuming LEAP still have a safe mode boot option)?

I’d also try switching video driver (nouveau <-> ATI blob).