intermittent USB issues with AMD catlyst drivers

i have a newer laptop (not the one in my sig) that i’m playing with that is an AMD A6 chip; so has the builtin APU. when i have the video drivers installed (either 13.4 official or the latest 13.6 experimental) and i use my mouse/keyboard with a USB HUB, then the laptop behaves funny where it doesnt register the up/down signals properly.

what i’ve tried:

  • different kernels (3.7.10-1.4 desktop, 3.7.10-1.11 desktop, 3.7.10-1.4 default) - problem remains*
  • the USB Hub has been swapped (both Dlink DHUB7, and a 4 port belkin) - problem remains
  • plugging keyboard/mouse directly into the laptop - problem goes away
  • changed mouse - problem remains
  • = the change of kernel meant that the ATI drivers are not compiled and so not running. the problem seems to go away. reinstalling the ATI drivers for that kernel version and the problem returns regardless of the 3 kernels

running ‘xev’ from terminal shows that when devices are plugged into the hub, the up/down action is not always being detected. what this results in on the keyboard is missed characters, or a stuck key until pressed again. the mouse shows the same; mouse clicks are either shown as no click or a click and hold action. it seems to come and go every 10’s of seconds and will occur for 1-2 seconds at most, then it will work fine again. what ‘xev’ also shows is that mouse movement is still detected and appears to be fine; it just seems to be onpress/onrelease actions.

I haven’t tested another distro, but win7 doesn’t exhibit this issue.

this one seems a weird one to me, not really sure whats going - any thoughts?