Intermittent Sound

If my laptop boots with blue network logo, no networks detected, networking disabled (still connected to the internet, weird no?) Then my sound is also not working, the soundcard just displays a “Dummy” output. I have also noticed mounting/unmounting USB drive requires root permission window, instead of automatically handling, (it is possible suspend also requires root permission window.)

All this with the blue logo, one in three boots. All I can say; is Tumblweed unstable?


This may be caused by plymouth.

Uninstalling it should fix that. But you will lose the bootsplash of course…

The blue network logo is the one in system tray, instead of normal radio logo.

Did you try to remove plymouth?

I found out just yesterday that plymouth can cause that your user session is not correctly registered with the seat.
As a consequence you don’t have permissions to mount/unmount drives, there’s no sound and so on.
Uninstalling or disabling plymouth fixes that.

Just try it. If it doesn’t help you can install it again.

Or add “plymouth.enable=0” to your boot options.

Or rename /usr/sbin/plymouthd, so it can’t start.

Thanx! Epic give! You never know if the bug you post about has one hit from '96 & sinks without trace.

So your problem is resolved now? Good!:slight_smile:

Btw, the bug report is there:
Maybe you could post a comment there? (same login as here in the forums)
Because until now this is only confirmed for 12.3 when booting to runlevel 3 and starting KDM via “init 5”…

This bug appears fixed for now with Tumbleweed repos.