Intermittent errors with openSUSE 13.1 KDE 4.14.4

openSUSE 13.1 (x86_64); Linux 3.11.10-25-desktop; KDE 4.14.4 nVidia graphics - This is an ‘old’ system upgraded progressivly from 10.3

I have been experiencing intermittent errors (every few days) with KDE desktop and KDE applications over the past two months. The most common errors are ‘unresponsive panel’ in KDE desktop and ‘unresponsive save dialogue’ in kwrite/kate. Both frustrating, especially since my skill level is low. These errors are difficult to reproduce but, of course, they occur when most inconvenient.

This is a non-specific problem and I regret I will need patient help to diagnose it as well as to seek to solve it. My longer term aim is to clean up this system (my main working desktop) so that I can sustain it for a few more years with help from the evergreen project.

zypper repos says I have the following repos set up:

#  | Alias                           | Name                              | Enabled | Refresh                                                         
 1 | Apps_Geo-openSUSE_12-1          | Apps_Geo-openSUSE_13.1            | Yes     | Yes                                                             
 2 | KDE-Current-openSUSE_13.1       | KDE-Current-openSUSE_13.1         | Yes     | Yes                                                             
 3 | Moka Stable Repository          | Moka Stable Repository            | No      | Yes                                                             
 4 | Network-openSUSE-13.1           | Network-openSUSE-13.1             | Yes     | Yes                                                             
 5 | Razor_Qt_openSUSE_12.3          | Razor Qt openSUSE 13.1            | Yes     | Yes                                                             
 6 | Utilities-openSUSE-13.1         | Utilities-openSUSE-13.1           | Yes     | Yes                                                             
 7 |    | nVidia Graphics Drivers           | Yes     | Yes    
 8 | | openSUSE BuildService - Education | Yes     | Yes    
 9 |     | openSUSE BuildService - KDE:Extra | Yes     | Yes    
10 | google-chrome                   | google-chrome                     | Yes     | Yes    
11 | local-repo                      | local-repo                        | No      | No     
12 |         | libdvdcss repository              | No      | No     
13 |           | Packman Repository                | Yes     | Yes    
14 | repo-12.3-non-oss               | openSUSE-13.1-Non-Oss             | Yes     | Yes    
15 | repo-12.3-oss                   | openSUSE-13.1-OSS                 | Yes     | Yes    
16 | repo-12.3-update                | openSUSE-13.1 Update-Oss          | Yes     | Yes    
17 | repo-update-non-oss             | openSUSE-13.1-Update-Non-Oss      | Yes     | Yes 

zypper verify says “Dependencies of all installed packages are satisfied”.

The system logs speak a language that I don’t much understand. It would help if I knew what I was looking for.

If you upgraded from 10.3 and kept your kde settings this may be the problem try another user and see if the problem persists. if so remove/rename ~/.kde4 and re do your desktop. Serious old config files could be the reason.

Thanks for responding, gogalthorp.

I have upgraded this system with each new release since 10.3. It has been very reliable for my simple daily work.

The errors I reported have only shown up over the last two months, so not sure that old settings are the only issue.

On your suggestion, I will set up a new user and reconfigure my basic daily applications from scratch.

The exercise will be useful whatever the outcome, and I agree, it is a good first path to tread. One can only live, work and learn.

Sometimes you just have to clean the garage :open_mouth:

Hmm… Emoticons like that are a hot political topic in Oz, but thanks!:X