Interface Configuration with Bridges


I have a little problem with my Linux Suse 11.2 Server.
I have unused network card with one port, and one with 4 ports and two used ports.

eth1 is connected to a dsl-modem
eth2 is connected to a switch

i want my suse server to route between modem and switch.

Problem #1:
Somehow, I can’t go in the internet via eth1. I have to create a bridge br0 to go in the internet. very strange, when i delete the bridge and set eth1 as primary device, i have no internet.

Problem #2:
How can i route from eth2 (10.x.x.x) to (eth1 or br0 (80.109.145.x) to Modem (

Maybe because your DSL login config specifies br0 as the device to connect to the modem? You would have to change that too.

You have to turn on masquerading in SuSEFirewall2. See the comments in /etc/sysconfig/SuSEFirewall2 and edit. Or equivalently use YaST to configure the server as a NAT router. You have to NAT because the packets are coming from private IP addresses.