Interesting boot messages after installing ubuntu 10.04

So I’m using opensuse 11.2 and recently installed ubuntu 10.04 to a different partition and all went well. when I boot opensuse I get a lot of interesting messages yet everything seems to load fine and I’ve not noticed anything behaving differently. I checked the boot log via

gedit /var/log/boot.msg

Looking through it i did see a line in there that looked familiar from the boot up and it is

<3> 0.000000] failed to get NUMA memory information from SRAT table

Just curious if this is an issue that I need to deal with my thinking is that the kernel needs updating but I figured I’d check with the experts :wink:

Can you elaborate on some of the “other” messages you see when you boot? Or is it just that one?

Also check /var/log/messages for indication of problems.

I went through the messages file and didn’t really find anything significant. These are the entries from the boot.msg that contained the word fail(ed).

<4> 0.096985] Marking TSC unstable due to check_tsc_sync_source failed
<4> 0.724641] ata1.00: failed to set max address (err_mask=0x1)
<7> 1.346520] PM: Resume from disk failed.

It’s not much and I swear I see more failed messages during actual boot up than I do in this boot log.

Just a guess. As it says “Resume from disk failes” and you seem to have at least two OSs on the PC, did you hibernate one OS and then booted the other one instead of letting it resume?

As far as I can tell, that message always pops up if you’re booting “normally” - I believe it’s checking to see if it need to resume from disk (hibernate) and instead of saying - “no resume required” it logs “resume from disk fails”. Not a nice message, but normal, I believe.

In principle that can’t happen because the bootstrap just goes straight to the resume and doesn’t give you a menu. As 2080 says, this is output when it’s a normal boot and there is nothing to resume. It’s unfortunate wording.

On the matter of unfortunate wording, Thunderbird tells me that it has Deleted Trash folder when I empty it. That could worry some people.

“Unfortunate wording” is a bit of an understatement in both cases I think :frowning: