Interactive Tutorials

One way to popularize open source tools could be to provide interactive tutorials rather than the traditional reference manuals.
I recently used Labview training software provided by organization itself.
Although i hate Labview and have left it for being proprietary,the tutorial in fact two cd’s do impress me.
I wish to create some flash based tutorials.And there is a tool like flash available in open source.Anyone willing to cooperate

I hear you. It’s a nice idea.
One way I get to do this is in Virtual Box. You can experiment to your hearts desire and no harm will come.
Another way is a dedicated sandbox, but obviously this option is not too practical for most.

Could be please provide more details about virtual box and other stuff.
Seems pretty new to me and their website is also a bit complex

Virtual Box is very easy. You can install the Open Source edition (It doesn’t have USB support in the Virtual Machine) but in most cases this is not a problem. You can easily set up a shared folder with the Host Machine. The repo to add in 11.1 is here for the OSE: Index of /repositories/Virtualization:/VirtualBox/openSUSE_11.1

The install page is here: VirtualBox Installation - openSUSE

To use the .rpm install from here: Downloads - VirtualBox
Save the .rpm and install with su terminal:
rpm -ihv packagename*
You need kernel-source etc… installed too

Here is XP in suse 11.1 screen shot for you](

Always create a fixed size virtual disc (obviously you need that space available in the directory use for the virtual machines)

Thanks for the information.
is it used to make interactive tutorials.How shall i begin with it and anyone else interested please contact me

No it nothing to do with tutorials
It for running Other operating systems inside your main OS
Like I use suse 11.1
and have xp in a VM

The point is you can use it to practice anything…