Interactive script error during firstboot

Hi everybody,

I’ve prepared a remote network installation system (via ipxe) for opensuse 12.3 and opensuse 13.1. However, after an installation the new machine needs a user configuration/customization so I prepared a bash script to be executed during firstboot.
The script is executed but no interactive information is displayed.
Watching logs it seems that firstboot doesn’t display the commands “dialog” that I’ve used to display information and to show different options to be selected by user.

How could I display that in an interactive way for the user?

Thanks a lot!

It is not quite clear to me. During boot there is no user loged in, thus how can a scipt be run as if it was from a loged in user. Or do I misunderstand you?

No no, I’m sorry it was my fault. “User” means human NOT system user.
Talking about a human interaction for the system configuration/customization , NOT an automatic system configuration.

But how do you think then that a human can do something with the system as long as he is not loged in?

Or maybe better, try to explain in more detail what you think that should happen.

Well, as you know firstboot has a human interaction screens to configure a few system properties.
Thus, what I need is something similar. I want to configure our own custom parameters, that I’ve already prepared in a bash script. However, I need to show a couple of “windows” to allow the “human” to select those system specific parameters.

I assume this involves trying to find out where and how the screens you get after first boot are defined and then adding some of your own in the correct place in that sequence.

My own screens. Yes! :wink:
Currently, I’ve put my script called in /usr/share/firstboot/scripts/, enable firstboot (touch /var/lib/YaST2/reconfig_system), reboot system and firstboot will start. At the end of firstboot my script is called (I know it because several parameters are changed in my system but not properly due to the fact it must be interactive) however no one of the dialog commands (typed in my script) are displayed during it execution.
On the other hand if I execute my script in shell it works perfect!

Which are the firstboot environment needs?
What must I use to be able to display “windows” during script execution in firstboot?