Intell wifi ac7260 opensuse 13.1 support

The standard kernel 3.11 does not support the intell ac feature. I need newer than 3.13 from what I have read.
I managed to install a Linux 3.16.4-1.g7a8842b-desktop .And the wifi works.
But this broke my virtualbox and cant ‘/etc/init.d/vboxdrv setup’
as i dont think header are there.
i use virtualbox , steam and a lot of other software i am happy with
.this is a system76 gazel 9 with intel graphics .

What is my best option as i have not update kernel on opensuse system is fine for now in general but would like to get ac wifi working and i don’t think i ant to go to tumbleweed is a good idea as not used before and read i could have other problems

Can I find header and kernel from somewhere .if so what should I do.
revert back to stock kernel and wait for opensuse 13.2 ,did not want to update just yet though as generally happy working well
go to tumbleweed.

Hope someone can point me in right direction

I decided best to go back to stock kernel and wait for opensuse 13.2