[intelgraphics]howto update driver

Hi all
I am a “happy” owner of a intellgraphics video. gma3100 actually. The
drivers for intellgraphics card is opensource and this greate.
afaiu drivers is included in Xorg. and I no idea how to update them.

drivers that comes with standart X.org in opensuse 11.1 is a little buggy.
I’m try to update to upate X.org but has breake my X.system so I’ll roll

I got source from git repository that was provided at intellinuxgraphics.org
so i downloaded them there is 5 different referenced projects
drm, drm-intel, mesa, xf86-video-intel

globally questions

  1. if i succesfully compile this drivers, how can I install them. I want to
    make thissafe as much as possible. I preferred to make some rpm. and install
    it from yast or zypper. but for creating rpm I did not have spec file(frend
    tell me that i can take from older release? is this true)
  2. please give a link to archives or rpms that containe specs for this
    projects (sorry if i asked very much) drm, mesa, xf86-video-intel

put me on right way if I doing wrong things :slight_smile: