intel x58 chipset

has anyone used the new intel chipset under opensuse 11.1 ?

I am a newbie working with linux.
Currently I have installed Opensuse 11.1 on an ASUS P6T de luxe motherboard.
Processor used is the core i7 920.
Amount of memory is 8 GB.
Graphics card is Asus EN9600GT (1GB version)

I can inform you that opensuse installs correctly out of the box.
(Only sound configuration is not tested by me yet.)

Everything seems to be running smoothly.

I have been trying to find out Linux compatibility myself wrt the intel x58 and the socket 1336 / core intel i7 920
Linux on an Intel Socke-1336 Core i7 ? - openSUSE Forums
… experiences on this, motherboards in use, etc … would be interesting to read about.

yes indeed however what would be more interesting is a phenom ii chipset running linux