Intel X-38 Chipset issues during installation

I am trying to install Opensuse 11.0 x86_64 from the dvd using the following configuration.

Abit IX38 QuadGT, Intel q6600, 4GB of ram. My issue is that the optical drive (Plextor 755sa) never mounts the install dvd. Motherboard is configured to use AHCI and the devices are attached to the ICH9R ports.

I have disabled the Jmicron controller in bios and there are only 3 devices attached to the controller (2 Hard drives and the optical drive).

I was wondering if anyone has seem this issue before with this particular chipset running AHCI or if this is a one off kind of thing.

I have checked the media its good to go (via md5sums). I have thought about turning off AHCI and installing the OS and then turn AHCI back on after reboot but I was unsure if this would work. I need to have AHCI due to the fact this machine is dual booting and AHCI is enabled in the other o/s.

Any thoughts or help with this would be helpfully. Thanks