Intel WiFi Link 5100 with 802.11n (aka 300Mbit/s)

Hi oldcpu!
possibly you are right, but I became suspicious by googling and remarking the same problem by different distributions, ubuntu and 7 included . The wifi brands are variable and also the disconnection symptoms: sometime intermittency, sometime total disconnection and so on. 3 hours ago I decided to change in the kde network manager the default configuration of my wifi, assuming (maybe wrongly) that are external attacks. So I setted:
Mode → Infrastructure
Cloned MAC address → Random
Since then I am connected with a 256 kb/sec radio sender (AVRO - Baroque Music, I recommend you) And it keeps still playng ( = no even a very short disconnection).
Let see… I’ll inform you tomorrow.
great regards and congratulations ( big gratitude ) for what you are doing in this forum!