Intel wifi does not connect

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Installed OpenSUSE 11 over my previous OS10.3 on a dual boot Dell labtop. In V10.3 had not any problem with wifi, it was simply installing and running. However in V11 things are different. wifi card is recognized (Intel 3945AGB), correct driver is installed. Exactly this card is described in this forum as a reliable wifi card. But the card does not connect, the led does not light and KNetworkManager continues to say that it is not connected. The wired connection works perfect.
Followed the guidelines in this forum:
In windows switched off power managment, without results
In SUSE also switched off power management (via yast - etc/config manager. Without results.
Followed some issues from Ubuntu forum: modifying etc/sbin/ipw3945 with sudo command, without result.

It looks indeed like there is something with power management.

uninstalled KNetworkManager, without result.
And much more.
With some commandline command I saw that the card was actually reading some networks. However the led was off and I could not connect.
A fresh install with OS11 should be able to start up the connection real fast. Note again: in OS10.3 everything is fine: I just reinstalled this version again. Someone must know what’s the difference between both versions. And also: the OS faq proudly says that KNetworkManager is very well able to a lot of things and that exactly my card is a good, stable card.
Anyone knows what’s going wrong here?

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Dunno what’s going on,but, check you have the correct drivers.Some have had good results using iwlwifi,some using ipw & some using compat-wireless,YMMV…Other things to check:-
1 ) firewall is set correctly
2 ) any encryption matches that of the router
3 ) no typo’s in encryption method
4 ) change channel on router,sometimes interference can stop connections


I had this problem with the Intel 3945AGB. First make sure wireless is powered on with the correct Fn key sequence for your laptop, then in YaST make sure wlan0 activation is:

Network Card Setup -> General -> Activate Device -> At Boot Time

Secondly, I found that even though I had specified eth0 activation in YaST as:

Network Card Setup -> General -> Activate Device -> On Cable Connection

on bootup openSUSE 11.0 seemed to give eth0 priority over the wireless even though there was no cable connected and insisted on listening for a connection over eth0, consequently a wireless connection was never established. I changed eth0 activation in YaST to:

Network Card Setup -> General -> Activate Device -> Manually

At this point, with eth0 out of the way, on bootup the Intel 3945ABG operated as expected and established a connection.

Your mileage may vary; hope this works for you.

**** it worked. So it’s something so simple, it has nothing to do with drivers, kernel versions or whatsoever.
The only thing is my led indicator does not light up but in the bottom right task bar there is a signal strength indicator which shows I am in the air.
Thanks for your reply,