Intel server board with Matrox crashes after install

I have a Intel server board machine that has a on board Matrox card
With 11.2 the install barfs to text mode configuring the card during install but
once you log in a root and run sax2 it is OK once the machine restarts

With 11.3 it installs ( apparently ) perfectly then just goes to a black
screen … the usb keyboard is dead and that is that

tried nomodeset as an option - what else can I try ?




failsafe mode
fresh install
installed 11.2 and upgraded

Does your keyboard still allow you to use Numlock or Capslock - the little light goes on and off? Blank/black screen? I may have had a similar problem discussed above: “Thread: 11.3 Intel blank screen at boot” I installed fresh from DVD and could not proceed as all I had was a blank/black screen with openSuse running wonderfully underneath.

Nope, the machine is stone dead

As soon as either the little timer expires or you press return
the screen goes black and it dies