Intel Pro Wireless 3945 on T61 - ipw or iwl drivers?

When I first installed openSUSE 11, it only had the “iwl3945-ucode” package installed. At that point, I couldn’t connect to much. I then added the “ipw-firmware” as I had luck with that on 10.3. I was then able to connect more frequently.

Since about 4-5 days ago, I have been unable to connect to my home network, but able to connect fine to my work network. I experienced these issues in 10.3 and changed from the ipw to iwl, which worked well and solved my issues.

What’s the solution on 11? What drivers work for this card?

Found this:

Solution for slow internet connection with intel 3945 - openSUSE Forums

Will post back on results.

That solution didn’t work. Anyone have a link to the previous iwl version rpm? Apparently the RC1 version worked?