Intel OnBoard Graphics + Nvidia Card

Hi everybody,
I just started using openSuse 13.1 and have some issues with my graphics adapter (Geforce GTX 660). The “noveau” driver wasn’t stable at all; after ~10 minutes the screen just freezed except the cursor. Installing the proprietary driver helped first, but after the second restart the system wasn’t able to start X anymore (“AddScreen/ScreenInit failed for gpu driver 1 -1”). Here my Xorg logfile:

Seems to me like the on-board graphics are interfeering with the graphics card. However, I’m still quite new to Linux and kind of stuck here. Any hints what I can do?

In the BIOS settings there should be an option to disable the onboard graphics, look for that to start with.

Thanks hank_se, disabling the internal graphic-adapter solved the issue.