Intel Nuc nuc5i5ryh with Intel HD 6000 gfx

I’ve got an Intel Nuc nuc5i5ryh with their onboard Intel HD 6000 graphics.

I have tried to install opensuse 13.2 but I get stuck when the GUI starts and I have nothing but a light background and a mouse pointer. Some buttons show up if I am lucky enough to move the pointer over them. In other words, it’s close to impossible to get it installed.

When will opensuse support this Intel HD 6000 graphics chip? Or is there an option I have missed :frowning:

Looking foward to a solution, as I’m so keen on opensuse.

br, Martin

Well, openSUSE will support the Intel HD 6000 graphics chip when the Kernel and Xorg support it.
And apparently it is supported, otherwise you wouldn’t have any problems… :wink:
But it seems the driver itself has problems/bugs in combination with your graphics chip.

To install, you could try to choose “NoKMS” in the F3 menu at the installation boot menu, or if that’s missing, press ‘e’ and append “nomodeset” to the line starting with “linux” or “linuxefi”.
Maybe that problem is fixed already with updates, there have been some to the intel driver and the kernel.
If not, you should at least be able to get a working system by choosing “Recovery Mode” at the boot menu (2nd entry in “Advanced Options”), or adding “nomodeset” to the boot options (thus disabling the intel driver).

Or you could try openSUSE Tumbleweed, the rolling distribution, which already contains a much newer kernel, Xorg, and intel driver.

I’ll try this when I get home. Thanks for the fast input :slight_smile:


**Thanks! It works perfectly with Tumbleweed as you suggested.