intel ipw2100 wireless card problem

i have just installed opensuse 11 into my laptop,beauty desktop and high stablelity made me fresh and surprise,no more crash happen to my laptop,but i can not make sur with ipw 2100 wireless card,i don’t know what is wrong with it,pls help me ,how can i make it work?thanks

sam lee

have a nice day!

Have a look at the stickies in the wireless sub-forum, lots of useful info there.


You are certain its an IPW2100?

My understanding is it should “just work” with the kernel. If my memory serves me right, our old family laptop (a Fujitsu Siemens 7400M) has an IPW2100 and it “just works” with openSUSE. I’ve never run openSUSE-11.0 on it though (last friday I updated it from openSUSE-10.3 to 11.1, bypassing 11.0).

I think you need to carefully check your PCs selected the SID correctly, and check that you have the correction encryption selected and pass phrase specified.

As noted, this should “just work”.

Edit: Before I forget, I note this is your first post here. WELCOME to openSUSE forums.