Intel HDA Headphone muting audio


It’s been awhile, but I’ve decided to get back into using Suse as my primary OS! I’m almost there, only a few minor issues to work out remain. One of these issues is with my audio drivers.

My audio is working for the most part. I have sound coming from both my speakers and the front-audio jack. When I plug headphones into the front jack the audio is muted; however, unless I unmute the audio I won’t get any sound from my headphone jack. The volume is shared. How can I give headphones a separate volume control? Or just completely mute my speakers when I have headphones plugged in.

Using alsamixer, Headphones are disabled. Which seems odd.

The output of can be found here.

I’ve poked and prodded around and I can’t seem to find anything useful. Thanks in advance!


Welcome back to openSUSE and welcome to our forum.

My apologies, but I am not certain I understand your explanation.

I understand:

  • your speaker sound works normally
  • when you plug in your headphone your speakers are muted
  • there is no sound on your headphones initially
  • you are forced to move up the general volume control to get sound in your headphones
  • but you want sound coming out of speakers AND headphones at the same time

Is that correct ?

Most of us WANT our speaker’s muted when we plug in our headphones. Hence my understanding is that is a ‘nominal’ situation for the alsa driver implementation for some hardware.

Most hardware implementations for audio do not have separate volume controls for headphones.

In the case of the alsa driver implementation for your PC’s hardware, when I look at the diagnostic script output, I only see:

  1. Simple mixer control ‘Master Front’,0
  2. Simple mixer control ‘PCM’,0
  3. Simple mixer control ‘Front’,0
  4. Simple mixer control ‘Front Mic’,0
  5. Simple mixer control ‘Front Mic Boost’,0
  6. Simple mixer control ‘Surround’,0
  7. Simple mixer control ‘Center’,0
  8. Simple mixer control ‘LFE’,0
  9. Simple mixer control ‘Side’,0
  10. Simple mixer control ‘Line’,0
  11. Simple mixer control ‘Mic’,0
  12. Simple mixer control ‘Mic Boost’,0
  13. Simple mixer control ‘IEC958’,0
  14. Simple mixer control ‘IEC958 Default PCM’,0
  15. Simple mixer control ‘Capture’,0
  16. Simple mixer control ‘Capture’,1
  17. Simple mixer control ‘Independent HP’,0
  18. Simple mixer control ‘Input Source’,0
  19. Simple mixer control ‘Smart 5.1’,0

ie no special headphone volume control in the mixer settings as diagnosted by the program ‘amixer’ which is called by that diagnostic script that you ran.

Thanks for your response oldcpu! Sorry about my tardiness, I had assumed the forums would notify me.

I’m not looking for anything special. I want my speakers to be muted while using my headphones. Unfortunately, sound comes through both at the same time. I do not want sound from both at the same time. Alsa knows when I plug in my headphones as it will mute my sound (muting audio output from my headphones and speakers). Hope that helps!

Typical Scenario:

  • Sound through my speakers works
  • I plug in my headphones
  • Sound is muted, no sound coming through speakers or headphones
  • I turn up the volume
  • Sound comes through both
    speakers and my headphones (which I do not want)


Thanks for the clarification. Typically sound coming from BOTH speakers and headphones at the same time is a clear indication of a problem with either the configuration of the alsa driver, or code within the alsa driver itself.

I note that your hardware audio codec is a VIA VT1708S. Since your post there have been other users complain about the VIA VT1708S with openSUSE with threads

Important is there is a bug report written here:

You could support the thread, providing your information. Note you can log on to bugzilla with your openSUSE forum user name and openSUSE forum password.

I’m reasonably hopeful that problems with the vt1708s will be fixed, as the openSUSE sound packager (Takashi Iwai ) is also an alsa driver developer, and if anyone can fix this, he can. Note when he asks for on a system he means run the diagnostic script:

/usr/sbin/ --no-upload 

and then post the file /tmp/alsa-info.txt as an attachment to the thread (and then clear the ‘need info’ flag).

Good luck in the resolution of the bug report.