Intel Graphics card

I’m really having a pain with this graphics card whatever distro i use… anyway, i get a black screen after my initial boot after installation… instead of using “nomodeset” permanently, i tried to configure my video card by probing my hardware using Yast… after that i will be able to boot with a normal resolution using my intel driver but after sometime, i dont dont what triggers this, i gett a black screen again… so i boot in “nomodeset” again and probe my hardware using Yast so that my graphics card will boot properly… the cycle continues… my question is… how will i make my hardware configuration permanent… Please help me! I don’t want to return to windows… thanks!

Furthermore, i dont want to make nomodeset permanent because of the low resolution…

According to my hardware information:
Display: Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller
Monitor: Samsung LCD Monitor

(my laptop is ACER 4736Z)


Before i forgot… i can’t also configure the brightness of my screen… help me please… thanks


I have just switched to openSUSE myself and also noticed that problem with brightness. After some poking around, I was able to increase my brightness (slightly) from the Battery Monitor. If you click on that up pointing arrow just beside the time in the lower right, that should bring up the battery monitor and from there you can adjust the brightness and tinker with the power profile. I am sure that there is another way, but I have not found it yet.

You might also want to look at your BIOS settings for your graphics card, there might be something there.

After checking, I appear to be using the same video chipset that you are using. I looked at my boot loader and have my graphics set to mode 0x31a (1280x1024, 16 bits), give that a try or the mode 0x31b (1280x1024, 24 bits)

“Boot Options vga=0x31a” at the startup screen.

thank you! i solved my problem by setting my boot option for VGA unspecified because from what I observed i don’t have option similar with yours… so my boot loader will try to load VESA and now it conflicts with my intel driver and by making my boot option for VGA unspecified solves my problem.

as to the screen brightness just add acpi_osi=Linux in boot option. Thanks! it solved my problem!

Glad to have been assistance.

I have one last problem… The black screen persists if I boot my computer while i plugin my charger! this is weird! other than that… if i remove it, it will do fine…

I am confused, do you mean your AC charger or some device charger?

My AC charger… Sorry about that…

So, you boot with laptop AC charger plugged in and get black screens, but if you boot laptop on battery everything is ok. Stumped me on that one, unless it is some power management profile setting.

According to my hardware information:
Display: Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller
Monitor: Samsung LCD Monitor

(my laptop is ACER 4736Z)

Are you using dual monitors by chance? If you are, which monitor is primary? Do they swap screens during bootup?

I don’t use dual monitor… Yast detects my monitor as Samsung…

What’s your openSUSE version, architecture (32 or 64-bit) and DE (KDE or Gnome version)?

PROBLEM SOLVED… I added acpi_backlight=vendor in the kernel line… Everytime i boot, i get black screen but if I adjust the screen brightness it now works… After that, i configured my /etc/rc.local to execute a script so that upon boot my brightness will not be set as 0. now i’m good. Thanks for the help!