Intel GMA 965 - 3d works, ugly decorations and shell in Gnome

Hi, I’m new to OpenSuse but I have switched from another linux distro - aptosid.

I have the Opensuse Gnome installed on an HP Compaq 6510b laptop with an integrated Intel GMA 965 / X3100 chipset.
The 3d acceleration seems to work fine but all the decorations aren’t correct, there’s no background, there are no borders to the gnome menus and more. I read some other threads on this chipset here on the forum but I don’t understand them much and I don’t think they concern the same issue.

It looks like the driver is loaded correctly. I can see the starting animation but then the screen flickers and I see this desktop without background and decorations :frowning:

lspci -nnk


I admit I am the stupid here. The issue was due to the conflicting config from my previous Ubuntu/Unity installation. Sorry to all.