Intel ethernet Controller Not Configured - IBM X 3300 Server

Hi there I installed Opensuse 11.3 on a New IBM X3300 Server. Install went fine until i tried to set the IP address. I get an error Intel Ethernet Controller - Not configure. I tried updating the Firmware from IBM, but this didnt help. Also thought i should try installing Opensuse 12.3 but after hi hit Enter to Install the screen goes dead. IF anyone can assist, it would be greatly appreciated. Shane

As 11.3 is out of support and there is of course a btter chance that your device is supporrted by a current openSUSE version, my advice would be to go for 12.3

Now it seems that you have a problem installing 12.3, but you better start a thread then in the Insatll/Boot/Login section with that installation problem. More chance that you get the help you need.