Intel Core i9-13900K Processor supported by Leap?


Is the Intel Core i9-13900K Processor supported by (an out of the box) installation of OpenSuse Leap 15.4 or 15.5?
Or do I need to install a more recent kernel?

Is there somebody here who is using this combination of CPU and Leap?


I am using an i7-13700, with Leap 15.5. I have not tried running Leap 15.4.

When I got this computer, around 2 months ago, I first tried booting a live Tumbleweed USB. And that worked well. So I next tried a live Leap 15.5 USB, and that also worked except for the WiFi (which is not a processor issue). So I installed both in different partitions, though I mainly use 15.5. And WiFi still doesn’t work with 15.5 (it works with TW), but I’m okay without that.

I don’t know about i9-13900, but I’m guessing that Tumbleweed will work and 15.5 will probably be okay.

Given i7-13700 works for nrickert in 15.5, you should expect all iX-13* processors to work equally well. What could possibly in some cases make a difference among them are the possible variations in their iGPUs. The i7-13700 and i9-13900K both have UHD 770 iGPU, so there should be no difference in functionality, only speed and power consumption.

Thanks, I believe the i9-13900K doesn’t have an iGPU and I’m planning to use a dedicated graphics card (AMD Radeon Pro) anyway.
The computer I’m interested in is this one:

It says it’s Linux ready but it doesn’t mention the minimum kernel version.

I was going by this Intel i9-1300K page that lists:

Processor Graphics ‡ Intel® UHD Graphics 770

The K means unlocked, not absent iGPU, which is F. Right now from, the base i9-13900 is $567, and the i9-13900F $542, a mere $25 saving by omitting iGPU, while the i9-13900K is $557, $10 less than the locked base model, yet also with iGPU. It seems silly to me not to get the iGPU and see how well it works for your workload before spending the big bux to go discrete.

Most motherboards I’ve looked at with LGA1151 or newer sockets have at least 2 graphics ports, typically VGA plus DP or HDMI on those targeted at discrete card users, a mix of 2, 3 or 4 DP, HDMI and/or DVI on others. Mine all have 3 or 4 total and support at least 3 displays at once, the newest, 1 DP + 2 HDMI.

The new workstation has arrived and I’m glad that I can confirm that Leap 15.5 installs and runs
flawlessly so far. :grinning: :+1:

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