Intel® 965 integrated graphics controller driver woes

oh please some one help me.
I know that i am graphically more capable of getting what i’m getting now. and i really want to update my drivers for my graphics card, because i’m running it as is, right now, which is straight out of the installation.

but the real question is, where do i start? i’ve been scouring the interwebs and found no help at all. someone please.

i have the intel GM965 integrated graphics controller

opensuse 11 came with the correct intel driver pre-installed and preconfigured

i simply had to go into yast control panel and click “graphics card and monitor”

then put a check in the box that says enable 3d acceleration

(with every other distro i have ever used, the GM965 graphics dont work right, untill you configure your xorg)

but with suse 11 everything was all setup and ready to go after installation
(including my widescreen 1280x800 resolution)

thank you so much
you have helped me a bunch!