Intel 855gm and 945gm Graphics Cards

Ok…I have two laptops, one has an 855gm Intel graphics card, the other has a 945gm Intel graphics card. On the HP with the Intel 855gm card, I had to disable the “intel” driver and enable the “i810” driver to allow for DVD movie playback. I had found a website that stepped me through this process. Now I have flawless DVD playback on the HP with the Intel 855gm card.

  1. I can’t find, for the life of me, the website that steps you through that, step by step.
  2. Since I enabled the i810 driver, saX2 gave me a pop up that said “current settings do not support 3D Acceleration.” Is there a way to allow for 3D acceleration and DVD playback at the same time, or is it a “one or the other” type of thing.
  3. On the laptop with the 945gm Intel card, do I need to do something to the same degree? I have compiz-fusion working perfectly with os 11.0, however I only have a black screen when I try to play back DVD’s. I can hear the entire movie, from beginning to end, just no actual video. This was the same problem that I originally had on the 855gm laptop, until I switched it to the i810 driver.

Thanks in advance!!