Intel 64bits trouble!

Hi all,

I have a toshiba P105 notebook (intel core 2). Did the download of Suse 11 i386_64 DVD version and when I boot, the instalation aborting by error that doesnt recognize my machine being 64 bits(!).

What’s wrong???

Since you don’t say WHICH Toshiba P105, we have no way of knowing.

That said, here’s a thread that finally decides that ONE model of Toshiba P105
is NOT 64-bits…it has ‘dual-core T2060’, whatever that is:

[It’s clear that ‘Intel dual-core’ does not necessarily always mean ‘64-bit-capable’.]


Dave [who has always preferred AMD, because Linux geeks said to:)]

Is it core 2 or core 2 duo? Some of the core 2 chips are 32 bit only.

This is part of the reason I am only buying AMD chips these days - I need 64-bit and am too confused by Intel nomenclature.

Here is a link to the Intel sitethat give some processor info - charts that say whether or not 64-bit capable. Some navigation using the links near top of page may be needed to find your exact chip.

Good luck!