intel 64-bit CPUs

I’m almost embarrassed by this, but how do you tell whether an Intel CPU is 64-bit capable? I know for AMD all of the multi-core CPUs are 64-bit capable, but am under the impression that some Intel multi-core CPUs are only 32-bit.

I’m notebook shopping and am more or less avoiding Intel CPU machines because I need the 64-bit to be compatible with some desktop machine apps and am not comfortable with my knowledge of the Intel naming scheme.

grep -w lm /proc/cpuinfo

Output means 64-bit capable.

He’s shopping for a new laptop, not asking how to tell on a working one.
I think he wants names or models of Intel 64bit CPUs.

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Then get the model of the CPU and look it up at Intel’s website. New models keep coming out all the time, and nobody can remember them all. If it runs XP-64 that’s also a positive sign.

You could just buy a laptop with an AMD Turion X2 64 and know that you’re good to go.

Intel is pretty evil, and it looks like they’re guilty of anti-trust violations. I don’t want to support them financially.