Intel 5300 driver

I recently bought a new laptop and I installed suse 11 but my wireless does nto work. I have the Intel 5300 chipset. I searched for solutions online any it seems like many people have not been successful at getting this to work. I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions. would ndiswrapper work in this situation?

IIRC,it uses the iwl driver which is already in the kernel ( i may be wrong ) check it is installed via YaST


hmm i searched IIRC in yast but i did not find anything…

Try the compat-wireless drivers,i hear some people have got it working with them


I also have this network adapter in my laptop and am working on running Ubuntu 8.04. I have the ndiswrapper up and running and using the Windows Wireless Drivers program it needs the .inf driver for the wireless adapter. The only problem is I don’t know what it is called. I would think the .inf named netnwifi.inf was it but it tells me that it is invalid. Any suggestions?

well i ended up upgrading the kernel and the latest one supports the intel 5300 series. So sorry I can’t help you there :frowning: