Intel 5100 Wireless Problem

I have a gateway p-7805u(C2D P8400, 4gb ram) running x64 opensuse 11.1, from the install/livecd, my network adapter worked fine. I’d click to set it up, click my AP’s essid, put in the WPA password and get assigned an IP. The first time I booted to the installed kernel, and since I cannot see it listed among the AP’s. I can still see other AP’s. Mine is the only one in the area running WPA, the others are WEP and one open one. I can connect to the open one, but it sucks for a connection. The signal is weak in suse and windows and the speed for the net connection is horrid. Not to mention its not mine and I can’t use it. What could be causing this problem? I have been tempted to change my router to WEP just to see if its listed, and its not. The truly odd thing is, using iwconfig and some of the other CLI tools I can scan and see the **** AP listed, with the correct frequency, etc. I don’t have the technical knowledge, nor the inclination to learn it to make it work from the CLI. If someone could please give assistance it would be greatly appreciated.

there is a sub-forum to this hardware forum;

and it is called the wireless forum;

at the beginning of the wireless forum are a series of posts; (three I believe); that remain permanently at the top of list, and remain there above all incoming posts;

these are called “stickies” and are full of wisdom;

you may find it very useful to read these first; see if you can enable your system from the advice there;

and if not, a fresh posting in the wireless forum may be best; the wireless gurus repeatedly provide answers on the wireless forum

I see two subforums, laptop and 64-bit. As there were no stickies in either of those forums, and using search I didn’t see any 1 thing that was exactly similar to my problem, I decided to post it here. I’m familiar with forum stickies and the search function, but give the relatively new status of both my hardware(5100) and the release of suse I’m using, I didn’t pore over entries more than a month old.

I did manage to fix the problem, although I don’t know exactly the cauuse, or what the actions I took did to fix it. I disabled the networkmanager default network config tool in Yast and told it to use the old way of doing it. I then put all the paramaters in for my network on wlan0, it started working. Then I figured why not, maybe that wrote some info about my net that the new network config could use, as the network was clearly there. Lo and behold, its working. In the sake of knowing what happened and why it was broke in the first place and also what fixed it, I’ll keep looking for problems with the card and opensuse or even the kernels and tools I’m using in other distros.

-edit I found the wireless forum, its under the network forum, which I suppose depending on why exactly your card is not working makes better sense. I’m still used to the windows way of thinking, if a network card doesn’t work, and another does, especially if it came to listing some but not all APs, I look to the card manufacturer and their driver, which I think of as a hardware problem. I suppose its not so clear a distinction here when one group makes the driver, one the config util, another the kernel and someone else wrapped it all up into a distro.

The wireless subforum is in networking. I think you were bit by the bug
introduced when the security hole in dbus permissions was plugged. That has been
discussed in the forum that you were not able to find.