intel 3945 wifi card work but not connecting

i have an Acer aspire 4920 laptop with opensuse 11.3 installed and wifi card has identified home wifi, but for some reason when i enter the wpa-psk key it doesnt connect.
i have been at this problem for several days and scanning the net for answers, without joy.
i am completely new to linux so i dont know about the command or terminal line, i have tried to type in commands but i get no joy.
please could somebody help me, as i really want to get to terms with linux.

You have posted the same thing twice.
Have you read the sticky posts in this forum (wireless). I had problems with wireless at the beginning and I found those posts extremely useful.
If you don’t find a solution there, please, post again (but once is enough).

i may have posted twice by mistake.
i have been reading the posts but havent seemed to have any luck. will continue looking, but if you have any info to share pls feel free.

the stickys havent really helped.
when i click on the access point it says “activating” then it askes me for the key 2 or 3 times and then disconnects? and if i hover over te network icon it says unavailable???

I mean, you have posted in this thread and in this other. You have some replies in the last one. See them.
Then I suggest to concentrate in one of the two threads and provide some info: version of kde or gnome, wireless card. Maybe in which step of one of the stickys things start not working as they should (as those posts say).