Integration Services for Open Suse

Using OpenSuse and Hyper V

What I am having an issue with is that I can not access my mouse threw remote desktop as my server is in a separate location then I am. In my windows VMs all I have to do is install the integration services from within hyper V. Does anyone know how I can install integration services for openSuse or a trick to get my mouse to work.

hi heffm,

I have the same issue after installing SUSE Enterprise Server 10 SP2 using Hiper-V. Now I’m trying to find out how to make my mouse available. I’ll be really appreciate if you share with me your experience. :slight_smile: Did you manage to solve it?

Thank you in advance:)


is there any progress on this ?

i’m installing into a hyper-v vm and the integration components are not very good. they do net and disk and err thats it, 2/3 of the functionality (shutdowns , snapshots, etc) are missing

i thought suse had some sort agreement with MS ?